Chester 29/6

There is only one membrane of this roll containing Cheshire pleas:

m. 1 21 September 16 Edward (I) 1288 (scans 0002-0004, 0040-0041)

This is a stray from the end of Chester 29/4, q.v., being the adhuc of the court of 21 September 1288 (items 4:331 to 4:363), the final part (4:364) being a copy of the Inquest of Service of 11 May 1288. I have indexed all these under Chester 29/4.

The remainder of this roll is devoted to Placita Corone of the city of Chester for 1288 to 1289. These are not copied or indexed here, but are calendared in pp. 152 to 206 of vol. 84 (new series) of Remains Historical and Literary connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, of 1925, as part of the Calendar of the County Court, City Court and Eyre Roll of Chester, 1259-1297, edited by Ronald Stewart-Brown.